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[image]This featured image shows a class 100 clean room at the NASA Glenn Research Center used for fabricating sensors and electronics for jet engines and spacecraft. - NASA
Researchers fabricate sensors and electronics for NASA missions in the Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory, a class 100 cleanroom located at NASA Glenn. These sensors and electronics can withstand extremely harsh conditions, such as those found in the hot sections of aircraft engines or on the surface of Venus. Electronics fabricated at NASA Glenn using silicon carbide have performed for thousands of hours at 930 degrees Fahrenheit...
Keywords: Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory, clean room, sensor, electronics, mems, class 100; What -- Venus; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 1,107
[image]Mercury 7 50th Anniversary - NASA
The Mercury 7 astronauts examining their "couches." Each astronaut had his own couch specifically molded to fit his body to help withstand the G-loads of the launch. Plaster casts of the astronauts were created in order to properly mold the couches. Left to right: Alan Sheppard, John Glenn, Walter Schirra, Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Deke Slayton, Gus Grissom and Bob Gilruth. Gilruth was Director of the Space Task Group, which planned and managed the Mercury Project.
Keywords: Who -- John H. Glenn; Who -- Scott Carpenter; Who -- Gordon Cooper; Who -- Deke Slayton; What -- Mercury
Downloads: 533
[image]A bald eagle sits in a tree at NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. - NASA
An adult eagle prepares to return to his nest on the grounds of NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. The same pair of eagles has returned to the 6,400-acre site for the past six years to raise its young. Photographer: Christopher J. Lynch (WYLE)
Keywords: eagle, wildlife, Plum Brook Station, bald eagle, Sandusky, Ohio; Where -- Ohio
Downloads: 212
[image]Liquid Methane Tank is an important component of testing for the Altair lunar lander, an integral part of NASA's Constellation Program. - NASA
It's not a new home brewing system, the world's largest holiday ornament or even an ambitious Death Star model. This spherical propellant tank is an important component of testing for the Altair lunar lander, an integral part of NASA's Constellation Program. This 4-foot diameter propellant tank lives at NASA's Glenn Research Center's Small Multipurpose Research Facility (SMiRF). It will be covered in 60 layers of high performance insulation, filled with liquid methane and extensively tested in a...
Keywords: What -- ALTAIR; What -- INTEGRAL; What -- Constellation; What -- Moon; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 47
[image]Space Shuttle Model - NASA
This illustration was used to develop a 3-D model of the space shuttle Columbia. The model was later used in a video to show where damage occurred on the leading edge of Columbia's wing. Engineers in NASA Glenn's Ballistics Impact Lab performed experiments that helped determine how foam from the external tank had caused the damage. Art by Eric Mindek (RS Information Systems, Inc.)
Keywords: Space Shuttle Model; What -- Space Shuttle Orbiter; What -- Columbia
Downloads: 1,723
[image]Rocket Science - NASA
Rocket scientist Bryan Palaszewski, Combustion Branch, explained the effects of super cold (cryogenic) liquid nitrogen on film canister rockets. The demonstration involved a film canister with three drops of liquid nitrogen that warmed and expanded at super high speed, sending the canister on a long 30-foot flight into the Space Power Facility high bay area. The children were allowed to touch the canister after the flight and see the effects of the nitrogen--the super cold nitrogen froze the wat...
Keywords: Rocket Science
Downloads: 38
[image]Flight Over Venus - NASA
Now that humans have mastered atmospheric flight above the Earth, researchers at Glenn have set their sights on flight above our neighboring planets. Venus provides several advantages for flying a solar-powered aircraft. At the top of the cloud level, the solar intensity is comparable to or greater than solar intensities above Earth. The atmospheric pressure would make flight much easier than on planets such as Mars...
Keywords: Flight Over Venus; What -- Venus; What -- Earth; What -- Mars
Downloads: 113
[image]Plum Brook Welcomes Inquisitive Visitors - NASA
More than 13,000 people visited Plum Brook Station during its public open house on May 31 and June 1 in recognition of NASA's 50th Anniversary. Pictured are visitors getting an up close look at the massive Spacecraft Propulsion Facility. Several other facilities were available for public viewing as well. Tours, displays and educational demonstrations rounded out the exciting weekend. Image credit: NASA/Marvin Smith (WYLE) C-2008-1245
Keywords: Plum Brook Welcomes Inquisitive Visitors
Downloads: 27
[image]Groundwork for Testing Orion - NASA
The groundwork for testing the new Orion Qualification Test Vehicle is in place at NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. In June, crews poured cement for the foundation of the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) seismic mass, which is still under construction. The MVF is a part of the Space Power Facility, which also includes two large high-bays, an acoustics chamber and a vacuum chamber...
Keywords: What -- Orion; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC); Where -- Ohio
Downloads: 43
[image]Wormhole Passage - NASA
This hypothetical spacecraft with a "negative energy" induction ring was inspired by recent theories describing how space could be warped with negative energy to produce hyperfast transport to reach distant star systems. In the 1990s, NASA Glenn lead the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project, NASA's primary effort to produce near-term, credible, and measurable progress toward the technology breakthroughs needed to revolutionize space travel and enable interstellar voyages...
Keywords: Wormhole Passage
Downloads: 225
[image]Wind Tunnel Demolition - NASA
Construction workers tear down NASA Glenn's Altitude Wind Tunnel, which began operations in 1944. The tunnel played a major role in aerospace history by conducting propulsion research during World War II and hosting tests in preparation for the Mercury space program. The AWT has been idle for more than 25 years and is in poor condition. Due to safety and environmental concerns, NASA Glenn is demolishing the building...
Keywords: What -- Mercury
Downloads: 36
[image]Lunar Lander Model - NASA
This 1963 model depicts an early Apollo lunar lander concept, called a "bug," landing on the moon. Engineers designed several possible vehicle shapes for both manned and unmanned landers. In 1961, Bruce Lundin, former director of NASA's Lewis Research Center (now Glenn), chaired the "Lundin Committee," a NASA study group that assessed a variety of ways to accomplish a lunar landing mission. Image credit: NASA
Keywords: What -- Moon
Downloads: 110
[image]girl scout, poetry - NASA
Ocean of colors Gases and heat Beautiful stars are made Melissa, age 8, Illinois Hubble image of a small region within M17, also known as Omega or Swan Nebula.
Keywords: girl scout, poetry; Where -- Illinois
Downloads: 382
[image]Got Milk? - NASA
Mike Blair, Paragon Tech/Community and Media Relations, informed guests about some of the aspects of living in space. He is pictured in the Engineering Building showing visitors the different types of space food astronauts eat while on the space shuttle and International Space Station. Image credit: NASA/Marvin Smith (WYLE) C-2008-1229
Keywords: Got Milk?; What -- Space Shuttle Orbiter; What -- International Space Station (ISS)
Downloads: 64
[image]CCPL Reading Program Winners - NASA
The grand prizes for the Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) Imagine and Explore 2008 Summer Reading Program Game were awarded during Glenn's Star Gazing event at the Visitor Center on Sept. 20. NASA Glenn co-sponsored the summer program, which drew over 30,000 people of all ages. Grand prize winner, Crystal Davis, 11, of Bedford, received four VIP passes to view a space shuttle launch and a behind-the-scenes private tour...
Keywords: CCPL Reading Program Winners; What -- Space Shuttle Orbiter
Downloads: 31
[image]Balloon Rocket Demonstration - NASA
NASA Glenn aerospace engineer Bryan Palaszewski uses cryogenic liquid nitrogen to cool the air inside a balloon at NASA's Plum Brook Station. As the air is cooled, it changes from a gas into a liquid. The balloon deflates, because molecules in liquids are more closely packed together than molecules in gases. Since most high energy propellants like hydrogen and oxygen are gases at room temperature, NASA uses the same process to cool rocket propellant for space shuttles in order to keep the rocket...
Keywords: What -- Space Shuttle Orbiter
Downloads: 33
[image]girl scout poetry - NASA
Purple swirls in space Blue dot sparkling in the center Twinkling blue beauty Jessica, age 10, Ohio A supermassive black hole at the center of spiral galaxy M81.
Keywords: girl scout poetry; Where -- Ohio; Where -- M81
Downloads: 174
[image]The Jump to Warp Speed - NASA
This cockpit view of a hypothetical spacecraft traveling at eight-tenths the speed of light shows the visual distortions that would be experienced at such high speeds. The star field is actually being wrapped toward the front of the craft in addition to being significantly blue-shifted. digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Service Corp.), 1998
Keywords: The Jump to Warp Speed
Downloads: 56
[image]girl scout, poetry - NASA
As the night passes by, I see a beautiful sky Full of stories and peacefulness That makes my heart glide through the galaxies Lia, age 10, Ohio Hubble image of galactic nebula NGC 3603.
Keywords: girl scout, poetry; Where -- Ohio
Downloads: 69
[image]Robotics Competition - NASA
NASA Glenn Education Program Specialist Stephanie Brown-Houston (left) referees at the FIRST Buckeye Regional Robotics Competition in Cleveland on Feb. 27. Teams of students from Ohio and six other states faced off at the competition using robots that they built with the help of teachers and mentors. Winners can compete in the championship in Atlanta in April. NASA Glenn is a sponsor of the Buckeye Regional...
Keywords: Where -- Ohio; Where -- Atlanta
Downloads: 38
[image]girl scout, poetry - NASA
Twinkling stars up above Yellow, whites, purples too We gaze at the stars all night You and me, me and you Paige, age 10, Ohio Abell 1689, a cluster of galaxies about 2.3 billion light years away.
Keywords: girl scout, poetry; Where -- Ohio
Downloads: 74
[image]Radio Frequency in Space - the Space Power Facility (SPF) at Plumb Brook station
NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio is the home to the Space Power Facility (SPF). The SPF is the world's largest space environment simulation chamber—it creates aspects of the environment of space so that spacecraft can be tested in space-like conditions while never leaving Earth. The SPF has been used in many tests, including testing rockets, spacecraft intended to visit Mars, hardware for the International Space Station and much more...
Downloads: 3
[image]Rescued POW Shares Experience at Glenn. Shoshana Johnson became the first African-American female prisoner of war when she was captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Johnson now tours the country discussing her experience, and has written an autobiography. - NASA
This autumn, NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland honored and remembered soldiers who are or were Prisoners of War or Missing in Action (POW / MIA). A recognition ceremony was held, and included a moving presentation by keynote speaker Shoshana Johnson. Shoshana Johnson became the first African-American female prisoner of war when she was captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. She was rescued three weeks later...
Keywords: Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 45
[image]AWT wood fan in 1944
The 31-foot diameter wooden fan in the AWT (1944).
Downloads: 3
[image]Paolo Nespoli, an astronaut with the European Space Agency and an Expedition 26 flight engineer, working with the LMM in the Fluids Integrated Rack on the space station.
When organisms from Earth travel to space, they are affected in many different ways. Astronauts on the International Space Station study how living in space influences living things, such as plants and animals. The Light Microscopy Module (LMM) enables scientists to explore life in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station. This microscope does more than just magnify — it provides containment of live organisms and allows tests to be performed over many days using remo...
Downloads: 3
[image]Constructing the AWT
Excavation for the AWT's foundation and support piers (1942).
Downloads: 1
[image]Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery - NASA
Enthusiastic visitors boarded buses at the International Exposition Center and the Developmental Research Building to enter Lewis Field. Over 21,000 people attended the event, which celebrated NASA's 50th Anniversary. Image Credit: NASA/Imaging Technology Center › Return to Image Feature
Keywords: Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery; Where -- Lewis Field
Downloads: 16
[image]AWT Control Room
Station in the AWT control room used to control the engine (1946).
Downloads: 1
[image]Rocket Welding - NASA
A worker grinds welds on an Ares I-X rocket segment being readied for shipment to Kennedy Space Center in September for a test launch next year. NASA's Glenn Research Center is designing and manufacturing several components of the test rocket, including the upper stage mass simulator and the service module and spacecraft adapter simulators. Photographer: Marvin Smith (Wyle)
Keywords: Rocket Welding; What -- Ares Launch Vehicles; Where -- Kennedy Space Center (KSC); Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 42
[image]Assembling the AWT
Assembling the shell for the AWT (1943).
Downloads: 1
[image]Apollo Module being moved to Great Lakes Science Center - NASA
This Apollo Command Module, which traveled 26.5 million miles in space, made a delicate 13-mile journey from NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland to the Great Lakes Science Center, located in downtown Cleveland, on June 22. The command module is now safely installed in its new home at Glenn Research Center's Visitor Center at the Science Center. The Visitor Center contains artifacts, models and interactive experiences relating to aeronautics and space...
Keywords: Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 79
[image]Test Engineer works in Glenn's 8x6 Supersonic Wind Tunnel - NASA
When new technologies for airplanes are developed, they need to be tested in wind tunnels to assess their effectiveness. Often, transonic testing is needed -- testing that simulates speeds just below, just above, or at the speed of sound. NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is one of the NASA centers which offer this capability. The Facility Aerodynamic Validation and Operational Research (FAVOR) Check Standard Comparison Test Program was performed at three NASA centers and a United States...
Keywords: Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC); Where -- United States of America; Where -- Ames Research Center (ARC); Where -- Langley Research Center (LaRC)
Downloads: 73
[image]Astronaut Dr. Schmitt Visits Glenn - NASA Photographer: Marvin G. Smith (Wyle Information Systems LLC)
Dr. Harrison Schmitt, an astronaut on Apollo 17 and the last man to set foot on the moon, visited NASA's Glenn Research Center on October 27, 2009. After delivering a speech to Glenn employees, Dr. Schmitt toured some of the Glenn facilities, including the Low Impact Docking System (LIDS) Seal Lab in Building 63. In this lab, Dr. Schmitt met Dr. Bruce M. Steinetz, Senior Technologist and Seal Team Leader...
Keywords: Who -- Harrison Schmitt; What -- Apollo 17; What -- Moon; What -- International Space Station (ISS); Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC); Who -- Harrison Schmitt
Downloads: 44
[image]Astronaut Inspires the Next Generation - Mike Foreman participates in Independence Home Days celebration - NASA
Astronaut Mike Foreman greets two potential future astronauts at the Home Days celebration in Independence, Ohio. Logan and Arthur Oravec may be a little too young to join the Astronaut Corps yet, but they enjoyed comparing flight suits with Foreman, an astronaut who has flown two shuttle missions and is currently serving a one-year detail as the Chief of External Programs at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland...
Keywords: Who -- Michael Foreman; Where -- Ohio; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 55
[image]NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Visits Glenn - NASA
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday July 12. While at Glenn, Administrator Bolden spoke to Glenn employees about the essential role Glenn will continue to play in NASA's ongoing success. He was joined by Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. While visiting Glenn, Administrator Bolden also announced that Ramon ''Ray'' Lugo will become the Director of Glenn...
Keywords: Who -- Charles Bolden; Who -- Michael Foreman; What -- STS-123; What -- STS-129; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC); Where -- Ohio
Downloads: 62
[image]Rocket Simulator Visits Cleveland - NASA
A key component of future astronaut safety visited the Great Lakes Science Center's NASA Glenn Visitor Center. The Orion launch abort system pathfinder is a 45-foot long, full-scale, functioning mock-up that was used to prepare for the testing of the actual launch abort system. The launch abort system offers a reliable method of pulling the entire crew away from danger in the event of an emergency during launch or during the climb to orbit of a spacecraft...
Keywords: Who -- Michael Foreman; What -- Orion; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 54
[image]STS-134 astronauts Michael Fincke and Gregory Johnson threw out ceremonial opening pitches at Cleveland Indians' home game and signed autographs.
This past summer, fans of NASA and baseball had the opportunity to meet astronauts at a Cleveland Indians game. Astronauts Michael Fincke and Gregory Johnson, both members of the second to last space shuttle mission STS-134 on space shuttle Endeavour, visited the Cleveland Indians' home stadium, Progressive Field, in July. Both astronauts threw out ceremonial opening pitches to start the game. Fincke and Johnson then met fans during the first through third innings...
Downloads: 4
[image]Supersonic Exhaust Testing at Glenn on a model called the Highly Variable Cycle Exhaust System. - NASA Bridget R. Caswell, (Wyle Information Systems LLC)
New testing is underway in the Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory (AAPL) at NASA's Glenn Research Center. The research focuses on a model called the Highly Variable Cycle Exhaust System -- a 0.17 scale model of an exhaust system that will operate at subsonic, transonic and supersonic exhaust speeds in a future supersonic business jet. The model features ejector doors used at different angles. Researchers are investigating the impact of these ejectors on the resulting acoustic radiation...
Keywords: Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 44
[image]NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, part of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, recently completed renovation of the Space Power Facility.
NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, part of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, recently completed renovation of the Space Power Facility. The test capabilities have been increased in the reverberant acoustic test chamber, the mechanical test facility and the thermal vacuum test chamber. The reverberant acoustic test chamber, shown in the foreground of this image, is currently the most powerful in the world...
Downloads: 44
[image]AWT Under Construction
Throat section of AWT during construction (1943).
Downloads: 2
[image]Mercury Tests in AWT
Setup for Mercury capsule escape tower engine tests in the AWT (1960).
Downloads: 2
[image]Master Chamber - NASA
Visitors were awed by the size of the Space Power Facility (SPF), the world's largest space environment simulation chamber. Hundreds walked through the SPF's 100-by 122-foot vacuum chamber and assembly area, where employees staffing the displays and demonstrations explained the technology performed in the chamber. Image credit: NASA/Marvin Smith (WYLE) C-2008-1239
Keywords: Master Chamber
Downloads: 19
[image]Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery - NASA
John Yim, Artic Slope Regional Corp/Deep Space Propulsion Branch, left, explained the features of the Space Power Facility (SPF) at Plum Brook Station using this model during the Lewis Field open house. The world's largest environmental simulation chamber, the SPF is currently being used to conduct integrated environmental testing for the Orion spacecraft. Image Credit: NASA/Imaging Technology Center › Return to Image Feature
Keywords: Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery; What -- Orion; Where -- Lewis Field
Downloads: 23
[image]Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery - NASA
James Cofer from the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association, right, assists visitors in safely viewing the sun through a solar telescope outside of the Visitor Center (VC). Nearly 13,000 visitors enjoyed exhibits, speakers and programs at the VC over the weekend. Image Credit: NASA/Doreen B. Zudell (SGTI) › Return to Image Feature
Keywords: Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery; What -- Sun
Downloads: 21
[image]Space Stuff - NASA
Connie Carroll, Exchange/Logistics and Technical Information Division, set up a miniature Exchange Store by offering a variety of NASA-related apparel, toys and other gift items to the public during the open house. NASA 50th Anniversary T-shirts, as well as space food sticks and freeze-dried ice cream and strawberries were especially hot sellers./>/> Image credit: NASA/Marvin Smith (WYLE) C-2008-1224
Keywords: Space Stuff
Downloads: 24
[image]Catching Up - NASA
Retirees enjoyed a buffet breakfast in the lower level of the Developmental Engineering Building on July 18 prior to a program, which included presentations highlighting current Glenn research efforts. Pictured, left to right, are Cal Weiss, Dr. Lynn Bondurant and Judy Drabik. Photo by Michelle Murphy, WYLE
Keywords: Catching Up
Downloads: 19
[image]Saturn I Booster Tests - NASA
A Saturn I booster model is set up for testing in NASA Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center's 8'x6' Supersonic Wind Tunnel in 1960. The model had eight working rocket engines with 250 pounds of thrust each. The tests simulated actual flight conditions, providing valuable information to optimize vehicle stability and air pressure distribution. Image credit: NASA
Keywords: What -- Saturn; Where -- Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Downloads: 72
[image]Allison J71-A-11 engine Installed in AWT
A 9700-pound thrust Allison J71-A-11 engine installed in the AWT (1955).
Downloads: 18
[image]Technology Transfer - NASA
Bill Saettle, Technology Transfer and Partnerships Office (TTPO), staffed the Technology Transfer exhibit that featured information on NASA spin-offs. Many of the guests attending the Open House were surprised to hear about the many ways in which NASA technology touches their everyday lives. />/> Image credit: NASA/Marvin Smith (WYLE) C-2008-1234
Keywords: Technology Transfer
Downloads: 23
[image]Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery - NASA
Visitors participated in a self-guided tour of seven major facilities hosted by Glenn staff. Pictured is Monroe Curry, Sierra Lobo, Inc./Testing Division, standing in the spray-bar section of Glenn's Icing Research Tunnel (IRT), the oldest and largest refrigerated icing wind tunnel in the world. The spray bars and refrigeration combine to create cloud conditions in the tunnel similar to nature's icing conditions...
Keywords: Glenn 2008 Open House Image Gallery
Downloads: 21
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